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Types of Content

Everything that can be contributed to CasaBio is one of the following types of content:

PictureImage of an organism or natural feature, with additional information
ObservationsPicture of an organism or natural feature at a particular place and time
CollectionA group of observations taken together by a contributor
TaxonA classification of a living organism, at a particular rank such as species
HabitatAn area with geological and ecological features that is home to living organisms
IdentificationThe labelling of an organism as a particular taxon, with a certainty
InteractionThe relationship between two observations (eg. caterpillar eating an acacia tree leaf)
LocalityA geographical area of significance that can drawn on a map

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Everyone who uses CasaBio will be classified as having one of the following roles:

VisitorsPeople who do not have an account, and have not yet contributed to CasaBio
ContributorsPeople who help CasaBio by uploading pictures, creating observations, or submitting habitats or localities
MaintainersPeople who help keep CasaBio's information and data in good shape, by checking and approving other users’ submissions
AdministratorsPeople who define what CasaBio is, and how it works

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Site features

CasaBio integrates with many platforms, including:

IUCN Red ListInternational list of endangered and threatened plants and animals
GBIFGlobal biodiversity information facility
PreCISA database of observations by the SANBI (South African National Biodiversity Institute)
Catalogue of LifeDataset containing more than 1.9 million species, created by the partnership between Species 2000 and ITIS organisations

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