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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Listrostachys cordatiglandula Listrostachys cordatiglandula De Wild. Edit
Polycarena batteniana Edit
Phyllanthus loandensis Edit
Cassipourea malosana Edit
Rocama prostrata Rocama prostrata Forssk. From the Latin 'prostratus' meaning prostrate or flat Edit
Colchicum natalense Meaning from the Natal or Kwa-Zulu Natal region of South Africa Edit
Kleinia Kleinia Kleinia Mill. For Dr Jacob Theodor Klein (1685–1759), German mathematician, lawyer and diplomat employed by the...Edit
Pseudobaeckea gracilis Pseudobaeckea gracilis Dummer From the Latin gracilis meaning ‘graceful’ Edit
Hypoxis latifolia Hypoxis latifolia Hook. From the Latin lati / latus meaning ‘wide’; and folius meaning ‘leaf’; i.e. the plant is broad-...Edit
Ixia rapunculoides var. namaquana Ixia rapunculoides var. namaquana (L. Bolus) G.J. Lewis From the arid Namaqualand region of north-western South Africa and Western Cape Edit
Amphibolia obscura From the Latin obscurus = ‘obscure’ Edit
Cyperus indecorus var. inflatus From the Latin inflata meaning ‘inflated’, typically referring to the flower Edit
Nenax Nenax Nenax Gaertn. Gaertner does not explain this name. Edit
Plectranthus xerophilus Edit
Tristachya welwitschii Tristachya welwitschii Rendle For Friedrich Martin Joseph Welwitsch (1806–1872), Austrian naturalist, explorer and medical doctor...Edit

For Friedrich Martin Joseph Welwitsch (1806–1872), Austrian naturalist, explorer and medical...