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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Anthospermum galioides subsp. reflexifolium Anthospermum galioides subsp. reflexifolium (Kuntze) Puff Edit
Dipidax ciliata var. bergii Dipidax ciliata var. bergii (Schltdl.) Baker From the Latin ‘ciliata’ / ‘ciliatus’ meaning ‘equipped with fine hairs’ Edit
Chaenostoma heucherifolium Chaenostoma heucherifolium Diels Edit
Eriochloa fouchei Eriochloa fouchei Stent Edit
Rytigynia neglecta Edit
Dicliptera extenta Edit
Struthiola tetralepis var. tetralepis Struthiola tetralepis Schltr. var. tetralepis From the Greek tetra = 'four' and lepis = 'scale' Edit
Euphorbia maleolens Edit
Vernonia hildebrandtii Edit
Michelia fuscata Edit
Drimia albiflora From the Latin 'albi' = white and 'flora' = flower. Edit
Celastrus ruber Celastrus ruber Harv. Edit
Haemanthus redouteanus var. subalba Haemanthus redouteanus var. subalba Roem. Edit
Oxalis eckloniana var. montigena Edit
Tamus Tamus Tamus L. Edit