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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Ipomoea cordofana Edit
Nicipe filifolia Nicipe filifolia (Thunb.) Mart.-Azorín, M.B. Crespo & Juan From the Latin fili = 'thread' or 'string' and folius = 'leaf' ; the leaf is long and narrow Edit
Plumbago Plumbago Plumbago L. La. plumbum = lead; -ago = resemblance or connection. The roots contain a fatty, leadcoloured...Edit
Stapelia concolor Stapelia concolor Salm-Dyck From Latin meaning of the same colour; typically referring to the upper and lower leaf surface...Edit
Lobelia thermalis Edit
Tricholaena rosea var. ruderalis Tricholaena rosea var. ruderalis Vanderyst From the Latin rudus = 'rubble'; any plant growing in poor or disturbed ground i.e. a 'weed' or '...Edit
Gymnothrix riparioides Gymnothrix riparioides (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Walp. Edit
Haemanthus splendens Haemanthus splendens Dinter From the Latin splendere = ‘splendid’, 'gleaming', 'shiny', 'gleaming', glittering', 'radiant' or '...Edit
Trisetum longifolium Trisetum longifolium Nees From the Latin longus = ‘long’ and folius = ‘leaf’ Edit
Juncus cymosus Juncus cymosus Lam. From the Latin cymosus = 'cymose' - an arrangement of flowers in a cyme which is an inflorescence...Edit
Acrolophia capensis From the Cape Province of South Africa, previously known as the Cape Colony. -ensis is a Latin...Edit
Eragrostis lehmanniana var. chaunantha Eragrostis lehmanniana var. chaunantha (Pilg.) De Winter Edit
Moraea villosa Moraea villosa (Ker Gawl.) Ker Gawl. From the Latin villus = 'hair' + -ōsus = 'full of', or villosus = 'shaggy'. Typically referring to...Edit
Ipomoea asarifolia Edit
Noltea africana From Latin āfricāna = 'African', the origin of the organism Edit