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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Conophyllum cuspidatum Conophyllum cuspidatum L. Bolus From the Latin cuspidatus meaning ‘pointed’ Edit
Melothria cordata Melothria cordata (Thunb.) Cogn. From the Latin cordatus = ‘heart-shaped’; usually referring to the leaf shape Edit
Tetranychidae Edit
Diplotaxis vogelii Edit
Grewia cana Grewia cana Sond. From the Latin canus = 'gray', 'aged' or 'white'; frequently due to the hairs Edit
Maytenus heterophylla subsp. arenaria Maytenus heterophylla subsp. arenaria N. Robson From the Latin arenarius meaning ‘sandy’ Edit
Chaenostoma fraternum Chaenostoma fraternum (Hiern) Thell. Edit
Crassula pustulata × fallax Crassula pustulata Toelken × fallax Friedrich Edit
Tricholaena rosea var. ruderalis Tricholaena rosea var. ruderalis Vanderyst From the Latin rudus = 'rubble'; any plant growing in poor or disturbed ground i.e. a 'weed' or '...Edit
Allophylus tessmannii Allophylus tessmannii Gilg ex Engl. Edit
Elaphoglossum deckenii Edit
Nemesia versicolor var. oxyceras Nemesia versicolor var. oxyceras Benth. From the Greek oxy = 'sharp' (or less frequently 'acid') and ceras = 'horn' Edit
Hypodematium crenatum var. crenata From the Latin crenatus = ‘notched' or 'battlemented', like the wall of a castle Edit
Pellaea pectiniformis Edit
Blumea gariepina Blumea gariepina DC. Named after the Orange (Gariep) River on the northern boundary of South Africa from which this...Edit