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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Trachypogon spicatus From the Latin spicatus = ‘spiked’ Edit
Acmadenia teretifolia Acmadenia teretifolia From the Latin teres = 'smooth' or 'tapering' and folium = 'leaf' Edit
Mesembryanthemum quinangulatum Mesembryanthemum quinangulatum L. Bolus Edit
Mentha sylvestris var. noulettiana Mentha sylvestris var. noulettiana (Timb.-Lagr.) Batt. Edit
Cynanchum gossweileri Cynanchum gossweileri S. Moore Edit
Camelina alyssum Edit
Convolvulus capensis var. malvifolius Convolvulus capensis var. malvifolius Hallier f. From the Cape Province of South Africa, previously known as the Cape Colony. -ensis is a Latin...Edit
Blattidae Blattidae Blattidae Edit
Crassula gentianoides Crassula gentianoides Lam. Edit
Jatropha schlechteri subsp. schlechteri Jatropha schlechteri Pax subsp. schlechteri Named in honour of the German Rudolf Schlecter (1872-1925) and his brother Max (1874-1960),...Edit

Rudolf made more than 12 000 collections. His brother Max settled in Port Nolloth where he...

Kalanchoe brachyloba From the Greek brachy = 'short' and loba = 'lobe' Edit
Berkheya heterophylla var. radiata From the Latin radiatus = ‘radiating’ Edit
Entada gogo Entada gogo (Blanco) I.M. Johnst. Edit
Erucastrum incanum var. hirtum Erucastrum incanum var. hirtum Bab. From the Latin hirtus =  'hairy' and flora = 'flower' Edit
Aloe archeri Edit