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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Helichrysum rutilans Helichrysum rutilans From the Latin rutilans = 'reddish', 'reddish-glow', 'reddish-yellow' or 'golden-red' Edit
Agrostis stolonifera subsp. gaditana Agrostis stolonifera subsp. gaditana (Boiss. & Reut.) Valdés & H. Scholz Edit
Alepidea longifolia var. longifolia Alepidea longifolia E. Mey. ex Dummer var. longifolia From the Latin longus = ‘long’ and the Latin folius = ‘leaf’ Edit
Psammotropha diffusa From the Latin diffusus = ‘widespread’, 'spreading' or 'diffuse' Edit
Anemone capensis var. tenuifolia Anemone capensis var. tenuifolia Harv. From the Latin tenuis = ‘thin' or 'fine' or 'slender’ and the Latin folius = ‘leaf’ Edit
Barosma serratifolia Barosma serratifolia (Sims) Willd. From the Latin serratus = 'serrated', referring to the serrated edges of the leaves Edit
Ilysanthes wilmsii Ilysanthes wilmsii Engl. & Diels After Friederich Wilms (1848-1919) apothecary of Berlin who collected in Kwa-Zulu Natal and...Edit
Parmotrema hababianum Edit
Lithops divergens Edit
Cliffortia theodori-friesii var. puberula Cliffortia theodori-friesii var. puberula Weim. Edit
Ctenium newtonii Edit
Cordia mandimbana Edit
Rhachithecium perpusillum From the Latin per = 'very' and pusillus = 'very small' or 'tiny' Edit
Albuca erlangeriana Albuca erlangeriana Engl. Edit
Euphorbia huttoniae Euphorbia huttoniae N.E. Br. Edit