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Name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Erica bibax From the Latin bibax = 'to drink', referring to the plant's habitat in seepage areas or near...Edit
Salsola melanantha Edit
Lobelia bellidifolia f. stricta From the Latin strictus = ‘compressed’ or 'constricted' Edit
De Winton's Long-eared Bat Edit
Chaenostoma debile Edit
Adhatoda vasica Edit
Erica translucens Edit
Combretum rupicola Edit
Buxanthus Edit
Alchemilla potentilloides Edit
Conophytum pellucidum var. neohallii Edit
Mesembryanthemum purpureo-croceum Croceum (L) refers to the Crocus, either flower shape or flower colour.   Edit
Tripteris rigida From the Latin rigidus = ‘rigid’  Edit
Nycteranthus calycinus From the Greek ‘calcyna’ / ‘kalkynos’ meaning ‘with a noticeable calyx’ or with the petals being...Edit
Afroqueta capensis From the Cape Province of South Africa, previously known as the Cape Colony. -ensis is a Latin...Edit