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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Pelargonium torulosum Edit
Tetragonia lasiantha Edit
Oligolepis Oligolepis Oligolepis Cass. ex DC. Edit
Alluaudiopsis Alluaudiopsis Humbert & Choux Edit
Plantago durandoi Plantago durandoi Pomel Edit
Barbarea intermedia From the Latin intermedia = ‘intermediate' Edit
Erica campanularis From the Latin campanularis = 'bell shaped'; referring to the flower shape Edit
Asclepias compressidens Edit
Anthericum aristatum Anthericum aristatum Poelln. Edit
Brachycorythis pleistophylla subsp. pleistophylla Edit
Monelytrum annuum Monelytrum annuum Gooss. Edit
Landolphia senensis Landolphia senensis (Klotzsch) K. Schum. Edit
Aspidonepsis shebae Edit
Syringodea bicolor Syringodea bicolor Baker From the Latin bi meaning ‘two’; and the Latin color meaning ‘colour’. This typically refers to the...Edit
Borbonia complicata Borbonia complicata Benth. Edit