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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Agathosma gibbosa Agathosma gibbosa Dummer From the Latin gibbosus = ‘humped / pouched / tuberculed'   Edit
Oplismenus anomalus Oplismenus anomalus Mez ex Peter From the Latin anomalus = ‘abnormal’ Edit
Rhynchospora Rhynchospora Rhynchospora Vahl Gk. rhynchos = a beak; spora = seed; alluding to the beaked achenes. Edit
Cephalophyllum densum Cephalophyllum densum N.E. Br. Edit
Cephalaria galpiniana subsp. galpiniana Cephalaria galpiniana Szabó subsp. galpiniana Named after Ernest Edward Galpin (1858-1941), a South African botanist and banker. He left some 16,...Edit
Eriospermum villosum From the Latin villus 'hair' + -ōsus 'full of', or villosus = 'shaggy'. Typically referring to a...Edit
Dolichos axillaris Dolichos axillaris E. Mey. Edit
Cercotrichas paena Edit
Syncolostemon teucriifolius Edit
Crassula corallina subsp. corallina Crassula corallina Thunb. subsp. corallina Edit
Dipcadi stenophyllum Dipcadi stenophyllum Dinter From the Latin steno = 'narrow' and phylla  = 'leaf' Edit
Cryptolepis elliotii Cryptolepis elliotii Schltr. Edit
Begonia rudatisii Begonia rudatisii Irmsch. Edit
Fissidens hoeegii Edit
Ficus plateiocarpa Ficus plateiocarpa Warb. Edit