Transvaal Wild Flowers by Anita Fabian

Anita Fabian and Gerrit Germishuizen
Macmillan South Africa
Year published: 

Anita Fabian is an accomplished artist. Her passion to document plants saw her traversing the Transvaal to depict 735 species within 414 genera and 87 families. Expeditions were made over a five year period into the varying habitats and localities within the Transvaal which occupies an area of 262449 square kilometers. Acocks divided this region into 16 different veld types which includes vegetation within arid country, marsh, forest and high mountain areas with the discovery of multiple new and rare species.  The rainfall of this region ranges from 380-1000mm per annum. 

Text which is by Gerrit Germishuizen is made concise, yet includes Latin/Greek etymologies, common names, brief descriptions of the plants and distributions. 

Many of the pictures were overlapping, thus much reconstruction was necessary for this book.